Boarding Policy, as of January 1, 2020

We at Dinah’s Doggie Daycare want your pet to have the best possible experience while boarding.  To help make that possible, we have created a policy which we believe will ensure their happiness.  

Only clients who bring their dog a minimum of 2 times a month for Daycare will be able to board their dog with us on a regular basis *.   

The reason for this is as follows: 

Your pet is the most important reason we are here!  We want to make it as pleasant and comfortable for him/her as possible.  Dogs naturally want to play and pack together; this is the way nature made them.  To help with this, it is important that they are familiar with their surroundings and their friends.  Exercise, socialization, and a healthier, happier dog is our goal!  Stress can be an important factor on your dog’s experience here.  The more familiar your dog is with us and their friends, the easier it is to have a good time while vacationing here.  It also should give you peace of mind to know that your dog is surrounded by friends and, as always, well taken care of, so that you can go away without worry and have a good time!   

It is our hope that you and your dog will enjoy our services so much, that you will become one of our happy family.

                                                           Thanks for your cooperation.

                                                                             Dinah & Bruce


*Holidays require a one night non-refundable deposit to hold a spot. No drop-offs on the holiday, pick-ups only.           


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